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Calamitous Intent is currently a small World of Warcraft guild looking to grow.  We are looking for experienced and sociable end-game horde players on Frostmane to join us and round out our core membership.  Our present goal is to develop an effective 10-man raiding guild.  No specific time commitment is required of members, but at least 5 hours in-game per week is preferred along with an ability to participate in some scheduled guild events.  

If you are interested in joining Calamitous Intent, please apply via the above link.
Calamitous Intent is currently recruiting the following:
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Better Know A Feature #1: The Fightin' Forum!

Viguro, Sep 27, 10 9:19 PM.
Available to all members is the guild forum.  This is the real meat of the website.  Access the forum by clicking the "Forums" button at the upper left of the page (after logging in, of course).  

There are currently four forums.  

The Guild forum is where any official guild policies will be posted.  Members can also discuss any aspect of the guild here, whether it be to discuss guild direction, suggest events, or even air grievances.

The World of Warcraft forum is for anything WoW related, but not guild related.  Share strategies, discuss WoW events, brag about accomplishments.

The Off Topic Forum is for all other discussions.  We aim to foster a tight-knit group, which would be impossible if we only ever discussed WoW with each other.  Come here to discuss anything and get to know your guildmates

The Officer's Only forum will be used for official debates, planning, and decision-making regarding the direction of the guild.  Of course, officer will take suggestions from the Guild forum to heart, so if you have an idea, please share!

That is our guild forum.  Please stop by regularly and be a part of the CI community!

Ventrilo Server

Viguro, Sep 24, 10 10:35 PM.
Thanks to Tuluven for getting us set up with our very first Ventrilo server!  It can hold ten guild members, which should be plenty big for us for the time being.  Check the guild forums for the login information.

Ventrilo servers are not free, however.  If you can spare a few dollars, I'm sure Tuluven would appreciate it if you would donate to the cause via the Paypal button to the right.

We look forward to chatting with you!

Welcome to the Website!

Viguro, Sep 23, 10 1:41 AM.
We done hit the big time!  Got us one of them interblogs.

All members, sign up for the website, preferably as your main character.  We will use this website to manage guild events, the bank, and DKP. 
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